Direct Primary Care

The doctor-patient relationship is the foundation of our practice. Unfortunately, health insurance corporations place little value on this relationship. Those companies commonly shift "in-network" status, seemingly on a whim and without warning. They show little regard for you the patient and the relationship you've developed with your physician. The insurance corporation's attitude seems to be "just go find a new doctor." But you and I know there's more to it than that. 

Insurance companies have been making this "in-network" status shift with alarming frequency. Over the past few years this has created great stress for our patients. That's why we hope to launch a Direct Primary Care plan in the near future. Available for established, out-of-network patients, this service will be for those who wish to keep Dr. Vitt as their physician. It's our way of preserving the crucial doctor-patient relationship and ensuring continuity of your care.

The plan will be membership-based, with an affordable monthly fee and very low copay for office visits. The fee covers the doctor’s high quality, highly personalized primary care services that you expect – and deserve.  

You may continue to use your insurance for medications, laboratory studies, imaging, specialist consultations, emergency room visits, hospitalizations, etc. The office will not bill your insurance for our primary care services. To be clear, a Direct Primary Care plan is not an insurance plan.  

You're familiar with these all-too-frequent scenarios: the HR person at work says you must pick a "new" insurance, but your long-time PCP is "out of network".  Maybe you’re in-between jobs and can’t afford a COBRA plan for $700 a month. Or maybe you actually find an affordable Obamacare/Exchange plan – but the provider network is limited to a handful of folks in an inconvenient outer-borough location.

Direct Primary Care is a solution that will let you keep Dr. Vitt as your doctor, regardless of the never-ending health-insurance industry chaos. 

Please check this site in the near future for updates on plans, pricing and other key details.

Thank you.