Direct Primary Care Membership

In order to preserve my vision of how primary care medicine should be practiced, we have transitioned to an innovative new membership model called Direct Primary Care. 

We are now OUT-OF-NETWORK with all insurance companies.

Primary care should be affordable, accessible, and transparently priced. The membership fee of $99 a month reflects this. Keep in mind that this investment is less than a smartphone or cable bill, a gym membership, or what many spend on Starbucks each month – and that your health is a priority. 

Your health insurance (which you need and should continue to have) should be used how it was originally intended: for expensive items, like medications, laboratory studies, blood tests, vaccines, imaging, specialist fees, emergency room visits, surgeries, and procedures. (Please note: NY State law requires us to charge a small fee of $30 for any in-office visit that is not your Annual Physical, and the fee will be higher if you exceed 15 in-office visits per year. Our membership plan is not insurance.) 

Here are just a few of the innovations with the new model:

  • Preservation of our long-term doctor-patient relationship, regardless of changes in insurance/employment status, or location 

  • Enhanced access, availability, and communication

  • We’ll save you time – you'll no longer necessarily need to come in physically to the office for discussion of routine lab results or routine prescriptions (time is your most precious resource!)

  • Extended and unhurried office visits will typically last 30-60 minutes

  • Same-day and next-day urgent appointment scheduling if you need us

  • Custom wellness plans, with accountability checkpoints to help you reach your goals (Want to run the NYC Marathon next year? The Brooklyn Half? Cut back on drinking? Improve your diet?)

  • Blood draws done in-house at our office

If you highly value the doctor-patient relationship and the level of services that I provide – this is an exceptional opportunity. Click the button below for more details and FAQs. 

Questions? Please email us at or call 212-674-8777.

I truly hope that you will consider joining our community.

With humble thanks,

Eamonn A. Vitt MD