Eamonn A. Vitt MD

New Year's Update: Back To Basics

I went into medicine with the intention of developing enduring, trusting, and meaningful long-term relationships with my patients.

Today’s medical-insurance-pharmaceutical-industrial complex places essentially zero value on the doctor-patient relationship. The bureaucracy treats you not as a human, but as a number, a billing code, a dollar sign. We all have had terrible experiences. Simply put – the current system is inhuman.
I created my practice to care for a community of humans.
After all – medicine is by its very nature the most human of professions. We evolved in small groups where relationships were everything – and that tribal circuitry remains with us. What most differentiates us from our hominid ancestors and our primate cousins in the wild – what makes us human – is the deep complexity of our culture. Behaviors. Beliefs. Emotions. Humans are beautifully complicated. 
Accordingly, expertly addressing matters of health and illness from a truly human perspective (the biopsychosocial model as I teach my medical students) requires a human relationship. Building a meaningful doctor-patient relationship requires time, communication, and trust.

With these ideals in mind, we’ve transitioned to a Direct Primary Care membership model. This innovation liberates us from corporate-centered healthcare’s nonsensical, opaque, impersonal, and expensive approach to primary care. It permits me to realize my professional vision and sustain a human-centered practice. The cost is less than your monthly smartphone bill. The benefits are tremendous. Explore the site to learn about our community and how to join.

1/1/18 Update: 

The practice is now closed to new patients.

(Appointments occasionally become available.)

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