Sample Letter 

Immunization Coverage Complaint

Today’s Date:

Member Name:

Member Date of Birth:

Member Insurance ID:

Dear Insurance Company,


Immunization Name(s):

Medically indicated Immunizations and Preventive services must be covered by insurance 100% according to rules and regulations set forth by the Affordable Care Act. My doctor states I need the above immunization course(s). If you do not confirm in writing within five days that the above immunization will be covered in full according to ACA guidelines, I will submit a complaint with the NY State Dept. of Insurance.

Optional for HPV: The FDA announced 10/5/18 that the HPV vaccine (brand name Gardasil-9, CPT code 90651)coverage has been expanded for all at-risk individuals up to and including age 45.


Optional:. Per the US CDC (Center for Disease Control), for Men who have sex with Men, these immunizations include Hepatitis A (CPT Code 90632), Hepatitis B (CPT Code 90746), HPV (CPT Code 90651), Meningitis (CPT Code 90734), and others:



If this issue it not addressed within 5 business days, I will submit a letter of complaint to the New York State Department of Insurance within 10 business days from the date of this letter.  


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